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Депутаттык Азилдер (page 12/13)

The text says:

To the Executive Head of the Council of Ministries:
You boasted like a young girl
Who wants to find a husband
Apsamat, Apas and Jumgalbek,
Are you really smart at all?
Aren’t you four that made our life
As it is now!

To the Former Executive head of High Council Kulmatov Renat:
He is sitting like a little boy who is guilty of something
He is not looking around and turning back
Calmly sitting, just like a sweet little boy
He even doesn’t dare to say something
But he is not calm inside
Because he knows what the life became like (if he turns around)


Депутаттык Азилдер page 10/11

Here Abdrakhmanov addresses former Speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the Kyrgyz SSR Tashtanbek Akmatov. He expresses respect for the Speaker but asks him nevertheless to return to his village in honor. He criticizes his desire to listen to the opinion of someone else that got him caught up in confusion.

On the next page the author turns to the head of the trade unions of the Kyrgyz SSR and deputy Abakirov Emilbek. He writes that he was the ‚fastest horse‘ in times of First Secretary Turdakun Usabaliev and climbed up the ladder in times of Abzamat Masaliev. Abdrakhmanov asks him not to turn around now, now that justice finally arrived.

Депутаттык Азилдер page 10/11 (8/9)


This page in Депутаттык Азилдер presents Askar Akaev, first president of Kyrgyzstan, elected in fall 1990 after Communist Party Secretary Abzamat Masaliev failed to get a majority vote for his candidacy. In his lines the author raises hopes based on Akaev’s positive characteristics but carefully warns his auditory not to praise him too much in advance. First he shall show his abilities, shall prove his capacity to work outside the ‚apparatus‘, not in it and thus with the help of old methods to rule.

Next to Akaev, author Abdrakhmanov introduces Esenbek Duisheev, former first deputy head of the Council of Ministers in Kyrgyzstan. Abrakhmanov ridicules Duisheev’s ambitions to become president, accuses him of leaving tasks unfinished. Instead of dreaming about a bright personal future, this former head of the ‚State Committee for Agriculture and Agricultural Production‘ should make sure that all potatoes are being harvested.

Депутаттык Азилдер – Page 8/9 (6/7)


Mr. Dzhumgalbek Amanbaev used to be the First Secretary of Communist Party organization in the Issyk-Kul Region in 1990. Climbing up the communist party career ladder he served his duties as a deputy in the High Council of the SSSR. When the Party died he finally reached its top, succeeding Abzamat Masaliev as First Secretary of the Kyrgyz KP in April 1991. When voted for as premier in 1993 by the deputies in the Zhogorku Kenesh, president Akaev probably remembered Amanbaev’s support for the August Putsch and nominated second Apas Dzhumagulov, placing Amanbaev only Vice-Premier. Abdyrakhmanov remembers Amanbaevs reputation at the dawn of independence, being hailed by deputies from the Issyk-Kul regional Soviet as a potential Kyrgyz Nursultan Nazarbaev. The political observer goes on to question Amanbaevs motives, he notes his thirst for power and blames him to know nothing of the needs of the people. He concludes by asking when the Lake-Nazarbaev is finally going to start leading the people out of the mess where the Kyrgyz KP has brought them into.

Ms. Zhanyl Tumonbaeva, Abdyrakhmanov writes, figured as Minister of Foreign Affairs and deputy head of the Council of Ministers in 1990. The author wonders how this  former employee of a worsted wool kombinat and Komsomol member appeared at the political scene and in the center of power. Abdyrakhmanov suspects her of a strong adherence to Marxist ideology and criticizes her lust for power.

Депутаттык Азилдер – Page 6/7 (4/5)


Here Abdyrakhmanov presents the head of the Council of Ministers of the Kyrgyz SSR in 1990 Apas Dzhumagulov; and Zhumagul Saadanbekov, in these last days of the dying SSSR the leading ideologist of the Communist Party of the Kyrgyz SSR. Until ’90 Saadanbekov was the chief of department for ideology of the Central Committee of the CP KSSR, before he took the position of Head of the Permanent Commission of the High Council of the Kyrgyz SSR on Culture, Education, Sport, and Tourism. After the dissolution of the Soviet System Saadanbekov got the position of the gubernator for the Issyk-Kulskaya Oblast for some time, before he left the country for becoming ambassador, first in Kazakhstan, later in the Ukraine (until 2007).

Депутаттык Азилдер – Page 4/5 (2/3)


The author picks famous writer Chingiz Aitmatov for his book’s introduction. Humorizing on the writer’s escape from the collapsing Kyrgyz SSR to his ambassodorship in Luxembourg, Abdyrakhmanov quite anticipatively criticizes the ensuing absenteeism of one of the most influential Kyrgyz public figures from the political scene.

A correct translation will follow, here only a small summarization: basically the author expresses his unhappiness with the fact, that this writer of international renown leaves Kyrgyzstan. He won’t be giving his advice and those that are in need of it will not be able to follow him into his voluntarily exile. The communist party, the author declares, stands for the old times only, unable to lead society into the future. But guidance in those difficult times  can not be expected from Aitmatov, leaving for a country that is hardly found on the map.

Депутаттык Азилдер – Page 2/3


This pages contain short information on the background of this book. Abdrakhmanov tells, how he participated as a member of the presidium of the Kyrgyzstan Democratic Movement in one of the special sessions of the Kyrgyz Supreme Soviet. He goes on explaining, that the collection of the drawings and poems are political demands, which he raised and which were shown as wallpapers in those turbulent times. Abdrakhmanov finally mentions, that the decision to publish them in a book was a quick one, so no further editing was done and he apologizes in front of the reader for any mistakes occurring.


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