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Kyrgyz Opposition Party Ak-Shumkar Rejects Changes to Kyrgyz Constitution

Today the opposition party Ak-Shumkar under leadership of former presidential candidate Temir Sariev issued a press release during a conference in the News Agency AKIpress. In it the party rejects the plans of president Bakiev to change the constitution with the view to shift competencies away from the government to newly organized agencies under the direct supervision of the president.

The declaration of Ak-Shumkar reads as follows:

Weiterlesen ‚Kyrgyz Opposition Party Ak-Shumkar Rejects Changes to Kyrgyz Constitution‘


Youth-Network for the Prevention Of Human & Youth Rights Founded

Today a ‚Resolution‘ was distributed through the KelKel E-Mail list. In it the members of a round-table for the presentation of a youth network of rights defenders welcome the official foundation of such a network and put forward its demands.

Latest developments give rise to concern about the future of the political system in Kyrgyzstan. The young activists are especially concerned about the recent presidential elections, where incumbent Kurmanbek Bakiev used administrative resources to secure a landslide victory against his competitors. According to the statement the situation is even more alarming in regard to the protection of fundamental rights like the right to assembly and the right of freedom of expression.

To improve the situation the network demands the reform of the current legislation on the right of assembly (1), the appointment of representatives of the network into the Coordinating Council on Youth Affairs with the president of the Kyrgyz Republic (2), the introduction of reforms into the election code of the Kyrgyz Republic (3), and the immediate ending of any use of state organs for the persecution and repression of NGOs and Youth Associations.

The ‚Resolution‘ impresses with its clear and unpretentious style, the short but trenchant analysis of the situation,  and the unspectacular but exact list of demands. One can only hope that it will be heard by many young people in Kyrgyzstan and find followers among them.


To download the full text of the Resolution (pdf) please follow the link: Resolution

Video Coverage on Corruption in Kyrgyzstan

AlJazeera posted two videos on YouTube covering corruption and politics (or politics and corruption?) in Kyrgyzstan. A critical assessment of the new deal for the American air base Manas and the ensuing suspension of US criticism towards the regime of (re-elected) President Bakiev is contrasted with interviews with opposition politicians Omurbek Tekebaev and Bakyt Beshimov. The former was Toraga (Speaker) of the Zhogorku Kenesh (National Parliament) after the Tulip Revolution and led national wide protests against Bakiev (and former Prime Minister Feliks Kulov) in 2006, whereas the latter is the head of the political faction of the oppositional Social Democrats in the parliament.

Both criticize the current regime for wide-spread nepotism and corruption and refer to family-run politics, mingling with the criminal world to have shaped the power structure in the country. The video shows footage from 2005, when protesters ousted former President Akaev and it uses footage from 2006, when criminal lord Ryspek Akmatbaev brought his followers to the Central Square in Bishkek to demand the resignation of then prime minister Feliks Kulov. At that time president Bakiev went out to the crowd and tried to negotiate with Ryspek. In the video it is interesting to see, though, that the footage is shown together with comments on the actual political situation and thus contributes to the impression that Bakiev is facing protests and political turmoil right now. Well, in fact he is not facing anything similar, a quiet, graveyard-like atmosphere is pressuring Kyrgyzstan. However, I think pictures of demonstrations are of better use if you wanna imply that people are not really fond of what’s going on in their country. Which is true most likely. Only nobody dares to speak out. In this regard the message of the video is absolutely correct!

To see the video follow the first link for part (1) and the second link for part (2).

Human Rights Activists Again Protest in Front of White House

Today four leading HR activists, namely Tolekan Ismailova, Aziza Abdirasulova, Gul’nara Dzhurabaeva and Asiya Sasykbaeva, protested in front of the White House, the government’s seat in Bishkek. Their protest was against the illegal arrest of demonstrators who had accused the president of electoral fraud in past days. Being arrested and accused of violations of the law of right to assemble, the four ladies also gathered to protest the provisions of this law which in their opinion violates international norms. It restricts the space for demonstrations and makes protests dependent on administrative approval. The HR activists chose a new form to stage their protest, chaining themselves up to the fence of the White House. Within minutes the militia arrived and, managing to free the ladies, took them to the police station of Pervomayskii Rayon. Their they wait to be charged with disturbing public order. One should mention that the four activists had been arrested already yesterday for staging another protest in front of the White House!







Declaration of the United People’s Movement

The United People’s Movement, the main opposition organization in Kyrgyzstan issued a press release today, a declaration in which it calls on every citizen to start protesting the falsified results of the election. In the text the UPM correctly summarizes the main facts of manipulation, cites the OSCE statement and the statement of the Union of Civil Organizations and gives a short interpretation of the current leadership of the republic. According to the declaration Bakiev ruined the country during in his years of reign, established the rule of one family and now turns the power system into a totalitarian dictatorship.

Besides fulfilling its duty the text lacks new ideas and concepts. Best example: in the end it calls for demonstrations, meetings, protests and the like, all within a campaign for ‚Fair Elections‘. Clear instructions on what exactly to do and where and when are simply missing. The organizational question is not addressed. Once again the opposition showed its inability to develop a strategy with which to approach the frustrated average citizen of Kyrgyzstan, who turned his back on politics a long time ago. The opposition in Kyrgyzstan seems to be in dire need of creativity.

Declaration of United People's Movement1

To download the declaration follow the link:

Declaration of United People’s Movement

A much more sophisticated report on recent developments and processes of falsification and manipulation is provided by the Council for Protection of the Rights of Youth and Students. The organization presents a detailed description of different means of pressure used by state administrators to force students to campaign for Bakiev or to sign declarations of support. In view of the need to create a public memory for electoral fraud in Kyrygzstan I add this statement to my data base.

To download the report follow the link:

Announcement of the Council for the Protection of the Rights of Youth and Students

Short YouTube video about Manipulations during elections in Kyrgyzstan

Have a short look on how ballot stuffing is done in Kyrgyzstan. Follow the link.

A second video appeared, showing ballot stuffing, „karrussel“, some interviews. Follow the link.

Reports from Election Observer Missions

The presidential elections in the Kyrgyz Republic are over. News agencies start to report a landslide victory of incumbent president Kurmanbek Bakiev, allegedly winning more than 85%, his main contender Almazbek Atambaev coming in second with only 7,4%. At the same time, through Internet and E-mail first news arrive about violations and manipulations in the course of the elections. Here I would like to provide you with final reports from some of the observer missions, that were acting in Kyrgyzstan in the last days.

The first account of violations is from the ENEMO (European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations) observer mission. They published their report in English and Russian.

ENEMO Preliminary Statement KG_ENG FINAL1

To download the full report in English follow the link:
ENEMO Preliminary Statement KG_ENG FINAL

To download the full report in Russian follow the link:

A second report was published by the Union of Civil Organizations „Time for My Vote“.

Report Union of Civil Organizations4

To download the full report follow the link:
Союз Гражданских Организаций

Finally the OSCE published its preliminary results, calling the elections a disappointment:


To download the full report follow the link to the OSCE.


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